Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moving home!

With all my health issues, Jason and I decided to move back into our little tiny house on Main Ave!

With the help of amazing friends, we made it back into our little house right before Kayle's birthday trip to Disneyland, California.

We are so grateful for all the help we got! 

We have the best friends!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My little soccer player

Once Kayle had finished her Dance lessons, she told me that she wanted to try playing football (soccer).  So, I signed her up!

The time came for her to play!

Game One:  She was extremely nervous and didn't really want to participate too much, but once she relaxed a little bit she did a great job!

The half time oranges were popular with Kayle... and all the kids on the team!

Game Two: She was certainly more confident and wanted to play a lot more.  She chased the ball more and was more willing to make an effort to get the ball.

Game Three:  Kayle was doing really well in this game.  She defended really well and joined in a lot!

Game Four:  Kayle made really good friends with the girls on the team, Andie and Lyla.  They had so much fun playing together chasing the ball and running around together.

Kayle even scored a goal during this game!

Game Five:  The girls had a great time playing in this game.  Kayle was so much more confident and really enjoying herself... she is a really fast defender!  

Game Six: It was cold!  The weather had changed and it was extremely cold and raining.  She did a great job in the cold, but she would not take her coat off!

Game Seven: Another really cold game with rain... but scoring 3 goals made up for it!  She is getting really good now!

Game Eight:  She is so confident now and is really enjoying herself.  
She made me so proud during her games!

As a reward for their last game, they got chocolate cupcakes at half time!

Kayle's Official Photos!

This is Kayle's Team Photo... The Cheetahs!

Go Cheetahs!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Its here!

The walk arrived and we were all ready to roll....

I did a Faithful Fighters Blog Post all about the walk that you can read  by CLICKING HERE!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last minute fundraising

The 3 day walk is almost here!  We only have a few weeks left till the actual walk and still need a few thousand dollars so we held a huge garage sale.

As you can see, we were seriously blessed by donations!

It took us about a week to get organised.  We were at church every day sorting... toys, clothes, kitchen, homewares... you name it, we got it!

Thank the Lord for helping hands!

We set up the sale the day before and then Michele bought her RV down and stayed the night to guard our items.

But... the time came!  We did a 2 day sale and had 100's of people come and make donations.  We were so blessed and raised enough money to cover all our team's financial requirements as well as raise enough money to have Jolene walk too.
Now all we needed to do was walk 60 miles!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Congrats Kerrie and Nick

August 10th... An amazing day!  My beautiful cousins wedding day!

We all got up and went and got our fingernails painted and then put on our best outfits ready for the wedding.  Our taxi picked us up and took us to the church in Hampton... we were all so excited!

We got to the church, sat down and waited for the ceremony to begin... there were lots of hugs from other guests and  family members while we waited.

Then the moment arrived... Kerrie looked absolutely stunning.  
Her dress was beautiful and elegant.

The ceremony was lovely.  We really enjoyed it.

Once the ceremony was over, the witnesses signed the register and we all headed outside for photos.

The professional photos were wonderful.  Kerrie looked so beautiful.

Family and Friends photos next!
This is Kerrie's Mum, my Auntie Kathy and Kerrie's brother Richard.

This is Kerrie's Dad, my Uncle Peter and his family.

Once the photos were taken of us, and while the final professional ones were being finished, we popped to the pub because I needed a snack because my tummy was hurting.  We then headed to the bus stop to jump on the bus to the hotel where the party was going to take place.

We were late to the hotel because everyone else had a lift... we made it though just in time for some yummy drinks and more photos!

 The table decorations were fantastic.  We each had a fun photo as a place card and a bag of old sweets from when Kerrie and I were little kids.

There was also a goldfish as the centerpiece!  So fun!

Dinner was served.... it was delicious!

We had such a fun time during dinner!  Kayle enjoyed her dinner and ate every bite!

The cake was beautiful too!  But the cake toppers were more fun.  Kerrie is an Arsenal fan and Nick is a Tottenham fan... Arsenal and Tottenham are arch rivals!!

Cutting the cake!

 Speeches!  Dad first!

Next the Groom!
The Grooms and Best Man's speeches were hilarious!

Kayle and Kerrie's little sister had so much fun playing together... they got along really well!

Steven and Jenny looking lovely!

Hanging out being silly after dinner!

Finally dessert time... as you can tell, someone enjoyed her dessert... nothing new there then!

Once we were all finished with dinner, speeches and dessert, it was time to make our way outside to the balcony to have a drink and wait for the dinner to be cleared up and the dance floor to be set up.

We all had fun messing around with the dress up stuff!

Dad and Linda chatting!

The dance floor was ready and so were we!  We all had so much fun dancing the night away.  Before we knew it, the time had passed and it was time to head home.  We had one tired little lady!  She was asleep on a chair by the dance floor before the music even stopped.

Kerrie's wedding was one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time!